Top 5 Physical Therapy NYC Locations

Physical Therapy is a hands-on, medication-free treatment that can help patients recover from injuries and get back to their normal lives. While it can be uncomfortable, patients can achieve long-term pain relief and return to their full range of motion with consistent treatments by a licensed physical therapist.

The best Physical Therapy NYC is available at locations that have a proven track record of providing excellent customer service, offering a variety of treatment services and techniques, and accepting most health insurance plans. To help you find the best physical therapist near you, we’ve reviewed top-rated NYC locations and ranked them by patient satisfaction.

Whether you’re suffering from shoulder or knee pain, hip or back injuries, or other conditions or symptoms, physical therapists can help you get back to your normal life with a customized treatment plan that will alleviate your pain and improve your mobility. They’ll also take a look at any underlying impairments to help prevent future injury and provide long-term recovery benefits.

This NYC-based physical therapist and sports medicine center has been named one of the country’s best (twice) and focuses on manual therapies to treat various injuries. Its team of experienced therapists provides personalized care for patients with chronic or acute injuries. They offer a wide range of services, from orthopedic injury treatment to sports physical therapy and acupuncture.

With over 27 locations in all five boroughs, including 19 in Manhattan alone, Spear Physical Therapy is one of the most popular physical therapy chains in NYC. Its numerous reviews praise the quality of its therapists and the variety of services it offers, from manual therapy to therapeutic massages.

This physical therapy company has been in business for over 18 years, and its therapists are committed to helping their patients recover from injuries, maintain optimal health and wellness, and avoid future problems. The therapists use evidence-based methods to develop tailored treatment programs for their patients. They focus on reducing pain, improving balance and mobility, and strengthening muscles and joints.

Almost all health insurance plans in New York City, including those offered through the healthcare exchange and at workplaces, cover the cost of physical therapy as long as it is deemed medically necessary. However, understanding how your specific health insurance plan covers PT can be complicated. To simplify things, this guide explains how EmblemHealth, the largest health insurance provider in New York City, covers physical therapy.