Top 5 Trends in Higher Education Marketing in 2022

In a time when parents are concerned about the safety of their children in public schools, education institutes can benefit from marketing their campuses as safe and secure learning environments. This type of content can be included on school websites and apps, social media, video clips, blog posts, and more.

Creating Educational Content

It is important to understand who your target audience is and how they will interact with your content. This can be done by using personas to better identify the pain points of your target market and their goals. Once you have this information, your team click this can create a strategy that includes the types of assets you need to engage with them.

Building Your Email List

Having an email list of potential students is one of the best ways to build trust and loyalty with them. This is especially true when you offer them something useful for free in exchange for their email address. This can be a whitepaper, an ebook or even a webinar.

The key to creating an effective email marketing strategy is to deliver relevant content that your prospective students need and want. This will not only increase their engagement, but it will also lead to them sharing your content with others.

Online Reviews Are an Essential Part of Higher Education Marketing

An online review can be a great tool for attracting and nurturing new customers, but it is important to use them wisely. This means ensuring that the review is relevant and engaging to your audience, and that it is written in an accessible manner.

Another way to improve your online reputation is to focus on delivering excellent service. A recent study found that 58% of consumers prefer to deal with companies that offer high-quality customer support. This is because they feel more confident about making a purchase with that company and are more likely to recommend it to friends and family.

Social Media is a Must in 2022

With so many people online, it is important to be present on the platforms where your target audience spends most of their time. This can include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and more. Having a robust social media presence can help to establish your school as an expert in its field and attract more prospective students.

Influencer Marketing is an increasingly popular way to promote your school. It involves partnering with influencers in your industry who can help you reach new audiences. For example, you could partner with a student who is a vlogger to get your brand in front of their audience.

Experiential or Guerilla Campaigns are an excellent way to engage your audience offline as well. These types of campaigns are designed to bring your school to the forefront of people’s minds, and can be incredibly successful.

For instance, you can organize an activation at a concert or sporting event that will draw your target audience. Or, you can partner with aligned brands or causes for a more impactful campaign that will have a larger positive impact on your community.