A Veteran of the Cannabis Industry

George Scorsis Florida

As the founder and CEO of Liberty Health Sciences and President of Red Bull Canada, George Scorsis is well-known for his passion for cannabis safety. His personal connection to the state of Florida and his extensive volunteerism have allowed him to make valuable contributions to the state and its people. He splits his time between Canada and Florida, where he continues to make donations and volunteer. In addition to his work for Liberty Health Sciences and his involvement in Red Bull, George has also lent his name to various initiatives, including the United Way. Learn more at https://medium.com/@george_scorsis/george-scorsis-liberty-health-sciences-a6158ccb28a2.

Though retired from his career, George Scorsis has remained an active member of the Florida business community. He has made many significant contributions to Florida’s medical cannabis industry. His latest acquisition, the Ontario-based Starseed, has become a mainstay in the state. As a native Floridian, George is committed to making the marijuana industry safer, easier to use, and more accessible to the public. His mission statement and company name reflect his commitment to helping the local community and working to make it a better place to live.

As a former senior executive of companies in the marijuana industry, George Scorsis is a well-versed executive. He has worked in fields such as energy drinks, alcohol, and medical cannabis. He also has donated to various organizations and charitable endeavors. Despite the recent arrests, he plans to continue to work in the Florida business community. He also plans to continue his charitable work and participate in various initiatives in the state.

A veteran of the business world, George Scorsis has had a long history in the medical cannabis industry. For more than 15 years, he led businesses that were heavily regulated. He also founded WeedMD, which expanded into Canada, the U.S., and Washington State. His previous company, Red Bull Canada, was also a successful company. He served as president of Red Bull Canada, a small production facility, and eventually expanded into a global business.

Known as the founder of several medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida, George Scorsis is a veteran of the industry. He has a passion for cannabis safety and he is passionate about fostering a safe environment for those using it. A veteran of the cannabis industry, Scorsis’ business has been a benefactor to a variety of charities. In addition to being involved in the industry, he also volunteers and has served as an advisor to various nonprofits.

While his experience is extensive in the medical marijuana industry, George Scorsis remains active in the Florida business community. He was a CEO of Liberty Health Sciences, which opened three dispensaries in Florida. He recently acquired Starseed, a production facility in Ontario. Throughout his career, George has remained focused on the safety of his clients and the safety of their communities. The company’s mission statement has been influenced by his personal values, which are concerned with the welfare of the community.

In addition to his professional background, George is an industry veteran with over 15 years of experience in the cannabis and medical marijuana industries. He has contributed to the Florida medical marijuana industry with donations and charitable work. His passion for cannabis has allowed him to focus on his charitable work and the many initiatives he has spearheaded in the state. This allows him to focus on improving his community and his business. He is committed to providing a safe and legal environment for medical marijuana users in his hometown.

In his role as a senior executive in Florida, George Scorsis has helped many companies succeed. As a former executive for WeedMD, he has a vast array of experience. His experience has earned him a spot in the Hall of Fame for his contributions to the industry. Now he serves as a trustee of the Agincourt Food Bank and is chairman of the board of Entourage Health, a federally licensed medical marijuana producer.

A benefactor in the Florida cannabis community, George Scorsis is active in a number of industries and nonprofits. He has a long list of businesses, including Red Bull Canada and Liberty Health Sciences. He also donates to various organizations, including Red Bull Canada. While he has retired to Canada, he has remained active in Florida’s business community. He supports the Agincourt Food Bank, which provides food and nutrition to the local community.