Amazon Affiliate Plugins – WZone, Amazon Associates Link Builder, and AzonPress

If you’re looking for the best Amazon affiliate plugin, there are a few things you should know before you buy. Here are the three best options: WZone, Amazon Associates Link Builder, and AzonPress. Depending on your needs, you can choose one of these products or a combination of them. Each offers its own set of features and functionality. Read this post to learn more about each. Also, check out the free version of each plugin before you make the purchase.


There are many different ways to integrate Amazon affiliate plugins into your WordPress website. These plugins allow you to control different aspects of your Amazon affiliate ads, from the look and feel to the size and format. Some of them even have a sidebar widget option for your ads. Another popular type of Amazon affiliate plugin is the One Click Affiliate. This plugin allows you to create unlimited ads, track their clicks and commissions, and add an end date to the ads.

Another popular WordPress plugin is the Easy Azon plugin. It supports all the different Amazon marketplaces, including Amazon China, India, UK, and the USA. It also supports affiliate links from many other marketplaces. The Easy Azon Pro version provides additional options, including product info blocks, buy buttons, and no-follow attribute for affiliate links. It also offers automated link cloaking. If you use this plugin on your site, it will work seamlessly with your website.

Auto Amazon Links is a free Amazon affiliate plugin that automatically inserts Amazon product links into your site. It works with any WordPress site and supports both API and no-API mode. It claims to increase affiliate revenue by 250%. Using this plugin is simple, and it includes pre-built layouts and specialized affiliate ad feeds. The software is also shortcode-enabled, allowing you to insert affiliate links easily.

Amazon Associates Link Builder

The Amazon Associates Link Builder plugin is an effective way to integrate affiliate links for Amazon products into your WordPress website. The plugin uses your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key to fetch product information. It also generates customized advert models. It does not require any technical knowledge or coding. However, the plugin lacks one important feature: a support service. You must create an account with Amazon Associates to use the plugin. It also lacks the ability to add deeper control over product presentation.

Once installed, the plugin will ask you to enter a link. The shortcode generates a link to the item. If the product is in stock, click it to get more information. You can add more than one ASIN if you wish. You must separate each ASIN by a comma. You can also insert a button. It is recommended that you use the %button% tag in order to insert a button.

If you are using the Amazon Associates Link Builder plugin, make sure that your table prefixes are ‘wp_’. It is also possible to use the Site Stripe feature to get affiliate links. However, this plugin works with all Amazon affiliate programs. Aside from its convenience, you must be aware of a few important facts. The plugin is a free download. So, if you want to use it, be sure to read the instructions carefully before you install it.


If you’re in the market for a plugin to create a profitable affiliate site, look no further than AzonPress. This powerful and user-friendly plugin gives you full control over your website’s layout, allowing you to create stunning product displays without requiring any technical knowledge. AzonPress also lets you customize your product tables to showcase different product features and options. In addition, you can also set up automatic affiliate ad feeds for your website’s content. Whether you’re looking to sell books, music, or software, you’ll find solutions for every conceivable placement.

One of the most useful features of AzonPress is its ability to create product comparison tables, which are crucial to many Amazon affiliate sites. This tool also offers simple customization options for affiliates, starting at just $39 for a single site and $149 for lifetime updates. Compared to AAWP, AzonPress is slightly more expensive than AAWP, but it makes up for that in functionality. It also comes with a support forum that can help you solve problems with the plugin.

AzonPress allows you to add as many product rows as you want on your site. You can also add images manually. This plugin comes with predefined design features and even a responsive design option. It also allows you to compare two or more products so that customers can make a more informed choice. You can also create a product table box to feature multiple Amazon products. In addition, this plugin also supports geotargeting so that you can redirect visitors to the Amazon store that’s closest to them, making it easy for you to maximize your affiliate commission.