George Scorsis – Medical Marijuana Entrepreneur

One of the most prominent people in the medical marijuana industry, George Scorsis Florida is an expert in the field. As the executive chairman of Liberty Health Sciences Inc, he has a background in working with businesses in a highly regulated industry. As an entrepreneur, he is focused on making cannabis safe for consumers. He has been in the Florida market for years, and recently purchased a company called Starseed, which operates a small production facility in Ontario.

George Scorsis Florida

Previously, he was the president and CEO of Red Bull Canada. He also founded Mettrum Wellness Corp., which develops and acquires medical devices. As an entrepreneur, Scorsis has an incredible track record of success. Whether or not the company will pursue charges is up to the State Attorney’s office, but the former executive is clearly dedicated to helping others. In his spare time, he has been involved with other endeavors in the medical cannabis industry.

The former executive chairman of Liberty Health Sciences, George Scorsis also served as the president of Red Bull Canada before stepping down. Despite being a high-profile person in the medical marijuana industry, he has not been arrested or charged. The case is still in its early stages, and prosecutors are still determining whether to pursue it. But if he does, it’s likely that he will face criminal charges.

As a Florida entrepreneur, Scorsis is the CEO of a medical marijuana business called WeedMD. He has a background in highly regulated industries, including pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. In addition, he is the executive chairman of Mettrum Wellness Corp. He has a wealth of experience, including working with large pharmaceutical companies and emerging companies. His work at WeedMD and other companies he has founded has helped him become a successful entrepreneur in the marijuana industry.

Despite his background in the medical marijuana industry, Scorsis is a well-known figure in the cannabis industry. In addition to his roles as the CEO of Liberty Health Sciences, George has been the president of Red Bull Canada. He has also served as the president of the company that has acquired the rights to grow medical cannabis. He is known to be a very smart and driven person, and his business success has been a major factor in his success.

Scorsis has been a successful entrepreneur and CEO for more than fifteen years. He has been a President of Liberty Health Sciences and the president of Red Bull Canada. He has an excellent knowledge of managing businesses and is very passionate about helping others achieve their goals. While most people are too busy with their daily lives to pay attention to their mental health, he is a big advocate of mental health. A healthy mind is a strong soul.

A Toronto-based entrepreneur, George Scorsis is the Executive Chairman of WeedMD. He has also been the President of Red Bull Canada before. He has been responsible for restructuring and growing the company to $150 million in revenue. His work ethic has inspired many entrepreneurs. He has dedicated himself to his business. He has a passion for helping people. In addition, he believes that he is a great leader.

Before he joined Liberty Health Sciences, George Scorsis had a career in extreme sports. He was president of Red Bull Canada and the CEO of Red Bull Canada. His success led him to create the company Mettrum Wellness Corp., where he created a line of medical products. The company was a success, and he is still involved in many other businesses. This is how he got his start.

Before joining Liberty Health Sciences, George Scorsis was President of Red Bull Canada. He restructured the company and increased its revenue to $150 million. He has worked with the State Attorney’s Office in various industries, including alcohol, marijuana, and energy drinks. He also worked with Health Canada on the classification of energy drinks. He has a unique background in the cannabis industry, and he knows how to make the product market work for him.

Despite the fact that Scorsis is best known for his success in the medical marijuana market, his career has a varied background in managing growth. Before joining WeedMD, he was President of Red Bull Canada, and he was responsible for growing the company to $150 million. In addition to his role as the CEO, Scorsis worked with the Health Canada on the guidelines for energy drinks. He most recently worked with Mettrum Health Corp., where he was CEO and chairman.