The Digital Economy Forum in Milan

the Digital Economy Forum in Milan

The digital economy is a key area of discussion in the business world, and it is no wonder that the FED has drawn significant attention. However, it’s not just the industry that benefits from the event. In addition to the business community, a range of partners and stakeholders are also involved, including the media and the participants. Let’s explore the main features of the FED and who’s going to be attending this year’s event. Go to for more info.


The first Digital Economy Forum was held at the Smith School on October 6, 2006. The event brought together industry leaders and key representatives from the digital technology industry for an interactive discussion. The Forum’s objective is to achieve regulatory coherence and coordination by encouraging the exchange of ideas and common understanding among national policymakers. It also aims to promote data connectivity and commercial interoperability. As an added benefit, it will be available to the public through a live stream of the event.

The conference will also consider the size of the digital economy, its potential economic benefits, and the implications for policy. Participants will also explore how to better understand and measure the impact of digitalization and how it is changing the way people live, work, and engage in society. The conference will also address the way forward for economic statistics and macroeconomic policy-making. The Digital Economy Forum will help identify and solve measurement gaps that hamper economic development and encourage innovation.


On March 22, Facebook Italia and Confindustria are hosting the second edition of the Digital Economy Forum in Milan. The event is known for its rich program, which features international speakers and opinion leaders. Participants will hear from captains of industry and top journalists. Some of the speakers will even attempt to predict the future. For example, Luca Sofri, the director of Il Post, explained how fake news was sweeping online dashboards.

Several prominent Italian entrepreneurs, journalists, academics, and entrepreneurs will address the crowd at the event. Digital technology is transforming many sectors, from manufacturing to marketing. The event featured a range of speakers from various industries and multinational companies. Tourism was one of the industries that dominated the event. In fact, the event will be the third largest in the world in terms of attendance and audience. As a result, the audience will be able to hear directly from a representative of the tourism industry.


The workshops at the Digital Economy Forum in Milan are designed to foster a new generation of leaders who are passionate about the challenges and opportunities of the future. As the world becomes more interconnected and the technology industry expands, business and policy makers will need to rethink their strategies in order to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead. In the early stages of globalization, there are tremendous opportunities, so it is crucial for all participants to engage in these discussions.


The Mediapartners team attended the second annual Digital Economy Forum in Milan to meet with industry leaders, discuss the future of work, and connect with local entrepreneurs and policymakers. The event was sponsored by the European Commission, the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Milan, the Lombardy Region, Teads Italia, and the Interreg Mediterranean Green Growth. Other sponsors included CUEIM, Materia Rinnovabile, SmartGreen Post, and Non Solo Ambiente.

The Re-think Circular Economy Forum in Milan 2022 is a gathering of global and European innovators. More than 60 companies will present their circular economy projects to inspire future innovation. This event will include presentations from key stakeholders, as well as contributions from start-ups and European institutions. In addition to media partners, the event will feature panels on topics related to the circular economy and the digital economy. The aim of the event is to stimulate entrepreneurial activity and spur innovation.

WEF Platform on AI and Machine Learning

A WEF Platform on AI and Machine Learning at this year’s Digital Economy Forum in Milan brings together world-class knowledge partners to discuss the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The aim of the Platform is to help policymakers, business executives, and academics create a shared vision for AI and machine learning. The Forum’s Strategic Intelligence platform provides an underlying framework for analyzing global economic data and emerging issues. Its curated content is designed to provide context-sensitive analysis and insight on issues that matter to business, science, and society.

The WEF Platform on AI and Machine Learning is co-chaired by leading industry leaders and scientists, including Mariya Yao, CTO of Metamaven, a custom marketing solution provider. Her role is to assess the use of AI in business. Miles Brundage, a research scientist on OpenAI’s policy team, is an AI Policy Research Fellow at Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute and a member of Axon’s AI and Policing Technology Ethics Board. He has a background in artificial intelligence and has interned at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition.

Re-think Circular Economy Forum in Milan

The Re-think Circular Economy Forum (2022) will be held in Milan from 10 to 11 February. The event will focus on five key sectors that will drive the circular transition: Agri-food, Cities, Textiles and Fashion, and the Built Environment. This will be the first such event in Italy. More than 60 companies are expected to present circular projects at the event, which will be complemented by contributions from cutting-edge European players.

The event will bring together companies, research organisations, and institutional leaders to discuss the latest trends in the circular economy. It is being held in the Triennale Milano and Palazzo Emilio Turati in the city of Milan. Speakers at the event will include representatives of companies and institutions, as well as fashion industry innovators. The event is supported by the Commissione Europea, the Ministry of Transizione Ecologica, ASviS, AISOM, and the City of Milan.